Who we are

We enable creativity

Our system provides a professional, multicamera, synchronisation solution that gives video production teams and editors more time to focus on what matters – being creative.

Driving efficiency. Streamlining workflows.

It’s relatively hassle-free to film using multiple cameras and sound sources nowadays. The real issue comes with how to sync the huge volumes of footage delivered to postproduction at the end of a shoot. Hours and hours can be spent in postproduction manually lining up each shot to sync with each other and with any separately recorded audio. This is time that could be better focused on creative editing. This is what our technology is designed to deliver – more time (and therefore money) for creativity.

Award-winning & industry recognised

Our sync solutions are widely adopted by major broadcasters including BBC, ITV and NBC Universal. They have been used on major feature films such as The Avengers: Age of Ultron, James Bond Spectre, Mary Poppins and Hell Boy. Our system is installed in NHL stadiums, and also used by NASCAR and Red Bull on action sport events. It’s even used by prosumer videographers looking to produce multicamera films with a professional edge.

Our technology platform has been embraced by leading camera and sound equipment manufacturers (including GoPro and Sound Devices) and integrated into a number of software solutions including the Adobe Prelude Live Logger app and Kolor’s Autopano software for stitching 360VR videos.

About the company

Timecode Systems is a pioneering British technology company headquartered in Worcestershire in the UK.

Through an innovative and ambitious approach to wireless sync technology, Timecode Systems has set some of the most important milestones for timecode and workflow technology in the past decade.

Our vision at Timecode Systems continues to be ambitious, building on our achievements and experience to date to explore new ways to apply our professional standard solutions to change how prosumer and consumer filmmakers think about and use timecode and sync.

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