3 reasons to update your :wave firmware today

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Our new firmware update enables a seamless exchange of data between our :wave product, Sound Devices 6-Series mixer/recorders and PureBlend’s MovieSlate 8.5 iOS app.

But what does this actually mean for our users?

Sound Devices, Timecode Systems :wave & MovieSlate

Great things come in threes. Sound Devices, Timecode Systems :wave and MovieSlate

1. A slicker, more accurate sync: It’s even easier to display, manage and share timecode and metadata for takes recorded on 6-Series mixers. 

With this latest upgrade, users can sync and share metadata and timecode via our bespoke interface cable (see TCB-40 or TCB-41) directly from the :wave’s data port to the USB port on a Sound Devices 6-Series mixer/recorder.

Bespoke interface cable

Bespoke interface cable

2. Advanced metadata management: The logging and reporting features of MovieSlate give you more control over your workflow. The integration of our technology not only ensures all recorded sound files contain the same accurate timecode as the cameras, but also allows for a full exchange of metadata. This makes information easier to access, allows you to do more with this information via the new Sound Recorder Sync Pro Feature of MovieSlate app and as a result gives production teams more power over their workflows creating a smoother production process.

Bespoke logging & control for Sound Devices 6-Series mixer/recorders using MovieSlate

Bespoke logging & control for Sound Devices users via MovieSlate Sound Recorder Sync Pro Feature

3. Wireless control of Sound Devices’ 6-Series mixers/recorders from you iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch).  The MovieSlate 8.5 application (which runs on iOS 8, 9, or 10) connects to the :wave’s integrated WiFi interface. With Pro Features enabled, users can conveniently from their iOS device:

  • Start/stop recordings
  • Arm/disarm sound tracks with a single tap
  • Assign track labels
  • Monitor battery and memory card levels
  • Sync timecode
  • Edit metadata
  • Effortlessly generate stunning sound reports

Find out more about the new MovieSlate Sound Recorder Sync Pro Feature 

Get updated

Follow these four steps to activate the advanced features offered by this upgrade:
  1. Purchase your Timecode Systems interface cable from your local Timecode Systems dealer
  2. Download the latest Timecode Systems firmware for your :wave
  3. Update your Sound Devices product with Firmware Version 3.1 
  4. Download or update to MovieSlate v8.5 or later and install PRO features
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