Denecke TS-TCB

Intelligent Hardware Clapper Slate, with integrated Timecode Systems wireless technology

  • Traditional hardware clapper with walnut sticks
  • Super accurate RF-locked timecode readout
  • Closing stick timecode data transmitted to app
  • Ultra-bright LED dot matrix display for metadata mirroring from app


The best of both worlds. A trusted hardware clapper slate with the latest integrated wireless technology


The Collaboration

To create the Denecke TS-TCB we teamed up with Denecke — the industry standard for electronic timecode slates — to incorporate all the advantages of our RF and WiFi networking into a solid trusted hardware clapper slate. The ultra-bright 7 segment display shows either the internal generator LTC, jammed LTC from the LEMO5 connector or the long range RF timecode sent from the Timecode Systems ‘master RF Clock’. The RF timecode is soft jammed twice a second to ensure that the large TC readout is continually in sync with all of the devices on set.

Zero drift. All day long. No more jamming at lunchtime.

User-friendly and Ergonomic

Originally based on the physical frame of a Denecke TS-3. The manual settings switches have been replaced with a single push and twist knob. It simply has a slot for the AA battery caddy, an antenna and a LEMO5 connector for External wired LTC IN and OUT. The new advancements to our ISM Band B:LINK network, allows the slate to report back its status, using the long range RF network, to the :wave or :pulse ‘master TX’ unit on set. This allows for remote monitoring of mode and battery status from the single app screen of MovieSlate 8 or the Timecode Buddy: app. Total confidence in the complete ‘sync setup’ across the set, truly a world’s first.

Unique Features

The bottom ultra-bright 800 LED matrix is not only used for all of the menu functions, but it allows for mirroring and syncing of metadata fields between, the Timecode Buddy: app and the MovieSlate 8 app (with Pro Features bundle subscription). The clap frame timecode is transmitted back from the TS-TCB into the app, either into a simple list on the free Timecode Buddy: app or part of the super elegant automated workflow offered by the MovieSlate 8 app.

Additional information

Technical Specification
External dimensions  280mm x 35mm x 210mm
Weight 990g
LED Matrix display
Supported FPS modes 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 29.97DF, 30DF
T/C input LEMO 5 connector
Frequency 865MHz-923MHz, Worldwide ISM bands. 2.4GHz 802.11g Wi-Fi
Power 6 x ‘AA’ batteries, LEMO5 (pin 4 + 6/14V DC, pin 1 GND).
T/C outputs LEMO 5 connector.
Output sync modes PAL, NTSC, 720p, 720p double frame, 1080i, 1080p, 1080p double frame
Output video sync 1V pp / 75 ohm or 1V pp /37.5ohm for ‘High Level Genlock’ mode (3D camera rigs)

TS-TCB manual

Compare Products
Feature minitx minirx minitrx minitrx+ slate wifimaster :wave :pulse
Timecode Reader
Timecode Generator
Genlock Generator
Word Clock Generator
LTC Outputs 0 1 1 2 1 2 3 3
RF Transmitter
RF Receiver
BLINK Master
Data Port
Internal AA Battery
Internal Rechargeable battery
External Power Input
USB Power input
PoE RJ45 Ethernet

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